• Belgian Chocolate Rooibos. Rooibos just got even better with the addition of cocoa bean pieces and calendula petals in Belgian Chocolate Rooibos. Velvety smooth choice-grade rooibos with a nice, rich chocolate flavor. Caffeine-free. 208ºF / 98 ºC  (Steep* 4-7 min)
  •  Crème au caramel Rooibos. Where Sweet toffee notes collide with the flavor of rich caramel in this decadent (but guilt free!) rooibos blend. Just one smell of the intoxicating aroma will have your mouth watering! Naturally caffeine free. 208ºF / 98 ºC  (Steep* 4-7 min)
  •  White Swiss Truffle Rooibos explodes at the first sip with chocolate and tidbits of mint meander throughout.  Caffeine-free. 208ºF / 98 ºC  (Steep** 4-7 min) 

* Steeping times are suggested and will vary by personal preference.