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For Cindy Walker, coming back to Ingersoll, Ontario, where she was born and raised made a lot of sense. Home is where the heart is most definitely, but being a professional chocolatier in Oxford County also meant she could surround herself with what inspires her – whether it’s the local arts scene or the beautiful farms and orchards nearby.

She is proud to feature local ingredients, from fresh cream to maple syrup, honey, beer and fresh seasonal fruit, in her chocolates They not only taste better, but it’s a wonderful way to showcase the best of the region and show her support of other small businesses.

When Cindy and her husband Steve came back to Ingersoll, they had a dream to create something truly special with broad appeal. Artisan chocolate and premium teas were the answers – two avenues in which they could demonstrate their love for all things delicious.

Since 2014, she has owned and operated Chocolatea downtown, her customers have come to appreciate the meticulous care and passion that go into everything she offers. She prefers to take an Old World approach to her chocolate. Each one is crafted by hand in small batches without using any preservatives. It’s an approach that has won her loyal clients near and far.

In an elegant shop, Cindy and Steve have put together a well-curated selection of the very finest teas from suppliers who truly stand behind the words “ethically traded.” As graduates from the tea sommelier certification program at Fanshawe College, they have the knowledge to help customers choose perfect teas based on their taste preferences. Every variety of tea available in store has been sampled and approved by the couple before it reaches the shelves at Chocolatea.

What’s in store? Please drop in to say hi to Cindy and Steve and find out. They’ll introduce you to some wonderfully unique chocolates and teas, sure to bring a smile to your face.

Our store is located at 38 King Street East in Ingersoll, ON 
COVID-19 Hours   
Thursday – Saturday   10:00 am – 3:00 pm
We also closed Christmas Day plus the first 2 Weeks of January.
Cindy and Steve

We are excited our chocolates are also offered the Elm Hurst Inn & Spa